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How can I make my eyelashes longer?

1. Apply lipstick to the eyelashes. Eyelashes can be filled with a little lash of eyelashes. At the same time, the lip balm moisturizing effect is very good. But be careful not to apply lipstick on the roots of the eyelashes.
2. Apply eyelashes with carrot juice. Carrot juice has the function of moisturizing and promoting blood circulation and promoting eyelash growth. Many people put carrot juice in a used mascara bottle for regular use.

3. Apply eyelashes with horse oil. Some people say that using horse oil eyelashes can make the eyelashes thicker and help the growth of new eyelashes. However, in fact, the application of eyelashes on horse oil has a good preventive effect on eyelashes.
4. Cut off the tip of the eyelashes. Cutting the tip of the eyelash not only protects the eye but also promotes the growth of the eyelashes. But be careful not to cut too much.
Extended information:
Overnight tea promotes eyelash growth, which is a way to increase the eyelashes of a circle of friends. Tea polyphenols contained in tea can eliminate eye edema and promote the absorption of other nutrients. It is convenient and feasible to cook a pot of tea today and leave half a cup to tomorrow. Vitamin E and vitamin B5 promote eyelash growth MM should know that only simple vitamin capsules or liquids can cause eye discomfort, surgery is more troublesome, so choose the eye cream containing these two vitamins, after the eyes, special care for eyelashes, The effect is also obvious!
Aloe vera gel promotes eyelashes growth, which may be a lot of millimeters. In fact, the universal aloe vera gel also promotes the function of eyelash growth! After painting at night, the eyes feel cool and cool, and sleeping in the summer is particularly comfortable! It is said that before using the eyelash curler, the eyelash curler will be slightly rolled up, and there will be unexpected surprises.
Vaseline promotes eyelash growth, and Vaseline not only moisturizes the skin but also makes the eyelashes thicker and tougher. Pay attention to hygiene when using. After using the small area in front of the exhibition area, it is best to apply it from the root of the eyelashes to the tip of the eyelashes to avoid contact with the eyes. Otherwise, the eyes will be confused and may produce fat particles.