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How to Paste the Artificial Eyelashes Naturally

You'd better choose the false eyelashes with dense and long lashes, the appropriate voidage is also needed. Try to contrast with yourselves’ eyelash and choose the most closed one. The artificial eyelashes peduncle should be soft and slender enough so that it can follow the eye type range, eye head and eye tail is not easy to tilt up.

After choosing the right artificial eyelashes, it is time to paste it up. Check the length of the artificial eyelashes. Clip artificial eyelashes with a pair of tweezers and contrast with the real eyelashes to see if the length is appropriate. The middle of the artificial eyelashes should be aligned with the middle of your true eyelashes while checking it.

All of eyelashes come in same size and it may not fit for the width of your eye, so you need to trim them to the fit width of the upper eye lid.

To paste from the middle to the two side, so that the part of the eye head and eye tail will have more glue, for these two parts are more easily to fall off. A good method is to squeeze a little glue and paste a short section, and repeat the motion until all is painted.

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The whole pair of false eyelashes is recommended, for its effect is outstanding. A cluster of false eyelashes should be coupled with the whole pair of eyelashes, so that the eyes are more structured. Root thick black type can make eyes has more sense of presence; transparent roots will not seems awkward if you are lazy do not draw eyeliner. The usefulness of the whole artificial eyelashes are most closely linked to the roots, so it must be soft.