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It is better use false eyelashes for greenhand

At present, some girls whose eyelashes are not too long will stick false eyelashes to add a lot of charm to the eyes, but how do so many delicate false eyelashes stick now? In order to be better now to solve a lot of crushes want to have a pair of beautiful eyes, but they do not know how to paste the problem of false eyelashes, today to tell you a simple false eyelashes paste method, so you can easily create one pair of discharge My eyes ~

Want posted false eyelashes, it is also the first step should be to figure out their own type of Eye and false eyelashes, for example, some girl's eye type, it is more envious European eyelid, then choose some of the more exaggerated false eyelashes It is also very appropriate! If you are a single fold, then just like in Europe makeup and long false eyelashes curl it is not appropriate!

false eyelashes

If the eyelashes are distinguished according to the model, it is also false eyelashes in the current roughly be divided into a variety of categories doll eyelashes, eyelash television, simulation eyelashes, eyelashes personality. In addition to see if other than style, but also need to see the stem portion of the false eyelashes, false eyelashes stem portion in the present fishing line and capsules are three kinds of plastic and cotton. In this one, cotton Terrier is very soft, fit is not tie his eyelids, but the drawback is torn easily bent, repeated utilization is not too high!

Makeup stems fishing line is relatively good, in accordance with their own eyes can go type, using appropriate length cut with scissors, hold & effect is very good, the disadvantages are also easier to tilt, after a period of time many girls also will find eyelashes off. Plastic Terrier is relatively hard, hold & effect than cotton and fish line is also quite good because it is possible to hold up the eyelids, but its makeup but also more difficult, if not mastered better way, then also very easy to tear off the eyelashes or hurting their eyelids! After saying how to choose the right type of false eyelashes of their own, then we also need to learn some steps to correct the false eyelashes:

false eyelashes

1, ready tools: eyeliner and eyelash curlers and false eyelashes, glue and a small clip.

2. After pinching your eyelashes, first go to see if the length of the false eyelashes and the length of your eyes are particularly suitable. If it is too long, it is necessary to trim it. Generally speaking, the tail end will also be longer, and it is more suitable to cut from the tail end, but now it is necessary to pay attention to the two false eyelashes. Perform trim symmetrical.

3. Before you apply the eyelash glue, it is best to give a massage to the false eyelashes to make it softer, so that you can adjust the curl for your eyes.

4. Note that when applying mascara, you also need to apply a little more to the eyes and the ends of the eyes, because these two positions are also more likely to lift up. At this time, the small clip can also play a very good role. You can use it to adjust the eyelashes, starting from the middle, and then slowly adjusting the ends of the eyes and the eyes.

5. The most critical step is to fill in the blank with eyeliner after applying false eyelashes, because at present, if the glue is not easy to dry, it will appear white, which looks very strange. of.

6. For the application of eyeliner now, the key is to distinguish between the front and the back. Contrary to the upper lashes, the lower lashes are pulled downwards and you only need to apply the front side. In addition, when you apply your eyelashes, you don't have to wait long, and you can apply it after a few seconds.

false eyelashes

Trimming false eyelashes: Generally, false eyelashes need to be attached to a mold, and they are also fixed by glue, so when you go to get false eyelashes now, try to use tweezers to gently pull the false eyelashes instead of Use your hands to get the false eyelashes. After you remove them, remember to use your fingers to remove some of the remaining glue on the top. The false eyelashes you use for the first time usually have a lot of extra steam lines, so before you paste it also need to compare the size of their own to carry out the eyes lose some of the extra parts, segmented paste, which posted some of the effect of false eyelashes with eye type will also be more fit, so in the current step I lose the line of false eyelashes it can also be divided into four segments. In terms of style, false eyelashes have to choose, it is also can be selected according to preference.