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Some questions about eyelash glue that you have to understand

At present, there are many girls who are pursuing beauty, because many girls are currently trying to get a better makeup. Nowadays, many girls choose makeup, because makeup can make them more delicate, so in Nowadays, more people choose the use of cosmetics. Girls are more fond of cosmetics, because there are more kinds of cosmetics now. If you want to use cosmetics better, you must choose one that suits you. Cosmetics can be used better. There are still many people who don't know how to choose cosmetics to use, but they still have to choose a cosmetic that suits them. First, you can observe the quality problem. At present, there are not only many types of cosmetics, but also some steps in makeup, and it is also necessary to pay attention when doing makeup. At present, false eyelashes are used as a kind of makeup tools, and they are also commonly used nowadays, because many girls are using this kind of eyelashes, so the market for false eyelashes is now larger. The main role of eyelashes at present is to beautify people's eyes, but you still don't have enough understanding about some of the attentions of false eyelashes. Only after you have really understood them can you use them better. There are many problems with the use of eyelashes glue now. Let's take a look at the problem of eyelash glue.

eyelashes glue

There are many aspects to be aware of when using false eyelashes now, because the eyes are a sensitive part of us, and they need to be treated very gently when used, so that we can better protect our eyes. Better to let our false eyelashes show the best effect, although there are many people who know more about false eyelashes now, but there is not enough understanding of eyelash glue. Eyelash glue is for false eyelashes. More important, because you need to use eyelash glue to help the use of false eyelashes, so that you can use false eyelashes better. Nowadays, many girls need to choose one more important when choosing eyelashes glue.

eyelashes glue

The first thing to say is that you should not put the eyelash glue in some other smaller or larger containers, because the original eyelash glue has gone through a professional proportioning and is in the process of dispensing. It is easier to cause the proportion to be wrong, which affects the quality of the vinyl. When placing the eyelash glue, do not tilt the tipping and tilting. Improper placement will make the eyelash glue more likely to block the bottle mouth or flow out of the bottle. When taking it out of the current refrigerator, it is necessary to remember to restore the normal temperature. Otherwise, the water molecules generated during the anti-icing process will easily cause the eyelash glue to deteriorate quickly. The quality of the eyelash glue will directly affect the effect of grafting after the grafting, so this is also the part of the beauty eyelashes who need the most careful care.

eyelashes glue

When using eyelash glue, the temperature in the room needs to be maintained at 18 to 25 ° C, which is the best state. If the temperature is too high, then the quality of the eyelash glue will be reduced to affect the eyelashes glue. Sticky; on the other hand, if the temperature is too low, the quality of the eyelash glue will be affected in many ways. The humidity in the room needs to be maintained at 55%, which is the best state, and within the acceptable range, between 50 and 65% humidity, the rate of hardening of the eyelash glue will increase when the humidity reaches 65% or more. The toughness will also be reduced, which will be much weaker than normal. On the other hand, if the humidity is too low, the hardening speed of the eyelash glue will also slow down because there is not enough moisture to help. . And it is very important to have a step of use before use. It is a process of waking up. I know that the eyelash glue should be shaken before use, but there is a standard for shaking. It has to be shaken for more than 30 times. The glue is liquid pure black. After the black rubber is extruded, the bottle body is tilted at a 45° angle, and the air in the bottle is squeezed out. Do not leave the residual glue in the bottle mouth, ensuring that the bottle will not be squeezed out and left in the bottle. The black glue at the mouth is extruded together with the air and wiped off with a tissue paper.

Regarding the use of eyelash glue, there are still many girls in the process of using it. It is very important. Otherwise, you need to pay more attention when using it. In the end, you should remind every beautiful girl to use false eyelashes. It is still necessary to pay more attention to the use of false eyelashes.