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Three ways to remove false eyelashes

The first is to use steam and olive oil: makeup remover. Remove the mascara and eyeliner with a milder eye makeup remover. This way you can better see which are your real eyelashes and which are false eyelashes. Perform steaming on your face. Water vapor can now relax false eyelashes. Follow these steps to remove: Place a bowl of water in a microwave oven to heat it, and then wait until the water is hot enough to emit steam. Then put your face on the bowl, and then use a towel to cover it from your head, so that the steam can gather around your face. Steam for about 10 minutes. Use a cotton swab dipped in a little olive oil and rub it on your lashes, being careful not to get in your eyes. I've been rubbing my false eyelashes and started to fall off. Wash your eyelashes. Then apply a little warm water to your lashes and wash off the olive oil.

false eyelashes
Use a glue remover: buy a bottle of glue remover. If you don't want to go to a beauty shop, you can also use a gel remover to remove false eyelashes yourself. Degumming agents are available in most pharmacies. If your fake eyelashes are asked by some professional beauticians, then you can ask her what to use to remove her false eyelashes, so that you can buy them yourself. Degumming agent is a relatively mild reagent, and the smell and nail polish are similar. Look at your eyelashes. Of course, removing false eyelashes is also a delicate task now, so you must see the process clearly. The specific steps are as follows: stand in front of the mirror to ensure that the light in the bathroom is good. If necessary, turn on another light to prevent shadows from obstructing your vision. Remove eye makeup. Remove the mascara and eyeliner with a gentle eye makeup remover so that you can see the real lashes and false lashes. Apply glue remover. Follow these steps to remove the glue:
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Use a cotton swab dipped in degreaser and pull down the eyelids at the eyelids of the upper eyelids. Close your eyes, use your soft fingers to pinch your eyes, and gently pull your eyelids down. Then the eyelashes will face down and you can see the false eyelashes clearly. Gently rub on the eyelashes with a cotton swab. Apply small pens from the edge of the eye to the corner of your eye, so that the degreaser can slowly dissolve the glue. Remove the loose false eyelashes. After applying it 15 times with a cotton swab, you can use your thumb and index finger to pinch the false eyelashes and gently pull them off. It should be easier to pull them off. Remove any remaining glue from the eyelids. After the false eyelashes have been removed, use a cotton swab to apply it again. This will also remove the remaining glue. Wash eyelashes. Gently pat warm water on the face to wash off eyelashes and remover around the eyes.
false eyelashes
Professional removal of false eyelashes: Go back to the beauty salon where you used to make false eyelashes. At present, false eyelashes are generally made of cyanoacrylic acid, which is super glue and sticks to it. At present, if special tools and reagents are not used, this eyelash glue is also difficult to remove. If this is the case, go back to the beauty salon to find some professionals to remove false eyelashes for you: most of the false eyelashes have grown out by themselves, leaving only a few. At this time you will return to the beauty salon to remove false eyelashes quickly, and it is usually free now. You may be dissatisfied with the false eyelashes. If you want to remove the whole set of false eyelashes now, it is better to go to a beauty salon instead of tossing yourself. A few days after you finish the false eyelashes, you will find that your eyes have a stinging sensation, it may be that one or two false eyelashes are stuck together, or one false eyelash is stuck to more than one real eyelash. This situation can be easily resolved, but it is best to go to a beauty salon.
If you are not comfortable with the technology of the original beauty salon, you will change to another beauty salon. Some novices or beauticians who haven’t received much training may also be prone to mistakes when doing false eyelashes, so at present if you encounter the following problems, you need to change to a beauty salon: false eyelashes look It is also very unprofessional. If the false eyelashes are curved, uneven or very ugly, then someone with a technical trustworthy person will help you repair it, otherwise your real eyelashes may be damaged. Pain around the eyelashes. If there is a problem with the glue sticking to false eyelashes, it may also cause discomfort to the skin around the eyes. In this case, find someone who is better in technology, and don't find the messed up person anymore.