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Known as a type of lash cluster extensions, the express lashes are also called rapid lashes in the market. According to the different shape and combination of such eyelash clusters, the express lashes can be divided into 3 different types. The Y-lashes is one type express lashes. It is easy to understand that the Y-lashes look like the letter Y. Applied with the Y-lashes, your eye lashes will have a fuller look. Different from the single lashes, such type of the express lashes has adopted the double lashes joined at the base. As a result, the Y-lashes help to make your eye lashes look thicker and dynamic. The other type of the express lashes is W-lashes which exhibit the shape of letter W. Such distinct shape is formed by the 3 lashes being joined at the base. In the same way, such W-lashes also help to create even thicker and dimensional feeling. The third type of the express lashes is the crown shaped eyelash clusters. All these three types of the express lashes are the newly developed eyelash clusters, adopting the latest technology and workmanship. In addition, all the express lashes provide different choices of length varying from 8 to 15 mm. With such diverse selections, you will definitely fine the one fit for you.

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