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The Russian volume premade fans cluster is another type of the lash cluster extensions. Like all other types of lash cluster extensions, such russian volume lashes are also made with the latest technology and workmanship. The most distinct difference is volume lashes help to create the 2D-20D effect without adding too much weight to your natural eye lashes. Volume lashes indicate to apply multiple eye lash extensions to your natural lash at one time by using the lighter false lashes so that your eyes will not feel too heavy or uncomfortable. The cluster lashes adopted in such newly developed product are of the very special thickness. Moreover, such russian lashes are made of the top quality PBT fiber imported from Korea. The workmanship of the russian volume lashes is also more or less different comparing to the other types of cluster lashes. Choosing such kind of russian lashes will save more time since it can reach the effect of multiple lashes in a much faster way. In addition, the Russian volume premade fans cluster is so easy to apply. With such perfect russian volume lashes, ladies who wish to have the more dynamic and bright eyes can apply it at home by yourself or at salons by professional technician.

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