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The double layered human hair eyelashes are made from the 100% real human hair, adopting the state of the art technology and workmanship. As a result, such double layered eyelashes are capable of perfectly integration with human inborn lashes without any gap or flaw. The double layered human hair lashes are the latest innovation, which is totally different from the traditional man made eyelashes. Such style of double layered eyelashes looks the closest like human inborn lashes. With such double layered human hair eyelashes, ladies need not worry about the uncomfortable feeling. The eyelashes elaborately designed with double layers will make your eyelashes look much denser and attractive everywhere you go. It is suitable for every occasion to wear the double layered human hair eyelashes. Wearing such magic eyelashes, you will find to shock your beloved or to attract others’attention with your charming eyes is not so difficult at all. The double layered human hair eyelashes are elaborately created for every lady. To make yourself look more impressive and charming has no limit in terms of age. Either for a young girl at 18 years old or a graceful lady at 60’s or elder, our double layered human hair eyelashes are one of the best choices for you! Please do not hesitate to contact us for both eyelashes and private label service.

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