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Ever in the beginning of history, people have always been pursuing for beauty. Due to this reason, we have been always developed false eyelashes to meet people's needs. Now to apply the fake eyelashes without glue is not a dream. With our extra lightweight magnetic eyelashes, you can apply the reusable false lashes in an easier way. The magnetic lashes are made of superb quality material from Korea and ultra-thin micro-magnet to ensure the lashes are comfortable for eyes. Magnetic eyelashes provide you a full, dramatic look you've always dreamed of! These durable and reusable lashes will instantly intensify your eyes for a volume and feathery effect. Besides the styles we provide in the page, you can also choose the lash styles from other synthetic lash range on our website, we will customize the unique style for you. In a addition, we have a lot of beautiful boxes for these amazing magnetic lashes which can put you logo on the box and design free of charge for you. Moreover, you can find a video in our blog to teach how to apply it, go and check it now.

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