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The hand polished eyelashes are the style of natural false lashes. This invisible band lashes have adopted the same workmanship and material as the hand tied lashes. The only difference is the hand polished eyelashes have been added with one more extra polish process by hand. As a result, such invisible band lashes look much more natural than other synthetic made eyelashes. Such natural false lashes make perfect integration with your inborn eyelashes. The polished eyelashes are made through the state of the art technology with the elaborate design for ladies. Wearing the invisible band lashes, you will exhibit your distinct sense of fashion and good quality of life. Comparing with the traditional common fake lashes, the hand polished eyelashes look like the same as the human lashes. No one can tell you are wearing the fake lashes because the hand polished eyelashes look so natural just as if the real lashes you are born with. In addition, right because of the natural feature, it is so easy to wear the hand polished eyelashes on. Thus, it will save quite a lot time in the busy morning. Just a few minutes are more than quite enough to wear this kind of natural false lashes. 

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