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The lower lashes are also known as the bottom eyelashes. Such lower lashes are made of the good quality of material, the naked lash band which is imported from Korea. The bottom eyelashes are newly developed fake lashes style and have adopted the traditional techniques. With the lower lashes, it is not so difficult make the perfect and dynamic big eyes brimming with radiating vigor. Living in the modern city as we are, it seems life is always so busy that we do not have the opportunity to spend quality time with our family or there is even no time for us to have a decently sufficient breakfast in the busy morning. However, no matter how busy we are, there is no reason for us as a wise lady to give up the opportunity to make ourselves look better. The lower lashes make your making up process so easy and thus save much more time for you in the morning to wear the lashes on and also at night to take them off. Lower lashes will be the best and the most correct choice in your life. OEM/Private label design service is available as well, please let us know if you have any interests in our products.

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