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About us

As a professional eyelashes production facility, Sunny Fly Beauty Limited is dedicated in fashionable eyelash design, manufacture, sales and service. With more than 10 years’ experience, Sunny Fly Beauty Limited has gradually become a leading ...

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As an industry leader in false eyelashes, SUNNY FLY BEAUTY can provide you not only full range of eyelash products, but also excellent services you need to launch your business successfully. With a comprehensive package of services, we are ...


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If you are interested in any part of our products, please send your questions to or leave a message online. A member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  • Why are many girls inseparable from false eyelashes now?
    Why are many girls inseparable from fals...


    After the false eyelashes reached the later stage, the types began to change more. There were many different types of shapes and colors, and some occasions were different. However, no matter what kind of false eyelashes are now, you can make your eyes "sp
  • How to select strip lashes and lashes extensions?
    How to select strip lashes and lashes ex...


    In fact, it's more convenient to do this now, and it looks very convenient when you're doing normal makeup. It is also more convenient for some girls who do not apply eyelashes now. However, there are still a lot of problems at present. Today I will tell
  • Teach you how to use false eyelashes correctly
    Teach you how to use false eyelashes cor...


    I believe that many girls have used false eyelashes now. It is also better to apply false eyelashes now to make our eyes look bigger and more beautiful. Then you know what the current false eyelashes need. To paste? Are there any ways to make our eyelashe
  • What kind of eyelashes do you use?
    What kind of eyelashes do you use?


    so now girls all want to make their eyelashes longer. Now there are many ways. The eyelash technology is very advanced now, so it can be better. In order to achieve better eyelashes, grafting eyelashes can now better perform eyelashes beautification, but