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How to select strip lashes and lashes extensions?

Everyone now understands that the beauty of girls is the nature of girls. Nowadays, many girls are for beauty, and they will also perform some mini cosmetic procedures, such as opening their eyelids. But in fact, relatively speaking, it still looks very unnatural after being slightly adjusted. Even after you want to become more beautiful now, it will obviously appear on your face when you are old. One type of surgery is not even a micro-adjustment, and that is to go to a beauty salon for "eyelash implantation". In fact, it's more convenient to do this now, and it looks very convenient when you're doing normal makeup. It is also more convenient for some girls who do not apply eyelashes now. However, there are still a lot of problems at present. Today I will tell you why you are not recommended to do "false eyelashes".

The main role of false eyelashes now is to beautify people's eyes and make people look better. False eyelashes can better improve the makeup of the eyes. Nowadays, many girls will choose some cosmetics to decorate themselves, but now some girls do not know how to better do the eyes. , Then you can choose to use false eyelashes, but there are many girls who can better modify the eyelashes. Nowadays, you can choose some cosmetics that are beneficial to you, but Why aren't many people recommending false eyelashes now? This method seems to be very time-saving, but many girls today do not know the advantages and disadvantages. Let's start with the first point, that is, super glue will easily cause you to grow fine lines. In fact, everyone should understand that this false eyelash is worth noting that you can grow it by applying a lotion, so there are also many unscrupulous merchants. In order to reduce costs better, you will choose some more powerful Sticky. So if you say that you must do it now, you still have to choose some regular places to do it. Such super glue is easier to pull your eyelids. The main consequence of doing so is that it can easily cause a lot of wrinkles to grow.

The second problem is that it may damage your hair follicles. Everyone is prone to necrosis of the hair follicles of the eyelashes themselves when the eyelashes are being planted. The consequences will be very serious, which will cause this hair follicle not to grow some new eyelashes. Although it is said that the false eyelashes will be more satisfying for the moment, but when such false eyelashes are present, their new eyelashes will not grow easily. My eyelashes have dropped again, and it is a bit scary to think so.

The third point is to cause your own real eyelashes to fall. In fact, it can be seen now that a lot of people will lose their real eyelashes after planting false eyelashes. After the "false eyelashes" have been planted now, the current false eyelashes will fall with the current time. At the same time, it may be possible to drop even the real eyelashes that we have now. drop. This can really seem to be more than worth it. I now want to make my lashes look slimmer and thicker.

In fact, at present everyone is pursuing beauty, and this is actually understandable. However, if it is mainly for this matter that causes me to be harmed in many ways, it will be a little more worthwhile. In fact, there are many times when everyone needs to recognize this aspect, that is, natural beauty is real beauty. There are not so many beauties in this world, most of them are ordinary people, so everyone can still learn to make up, so that everyone can look more beautiful.

Why isn't it recommended to plant "false eyelashes"? After reading these three aspects, many people will understand. If you really need to use false eyelashes, you can also choose to use some disposable false eyelashes for daily sticking. Nowadays, many girls After lashing, I will regret it very much! I wonder if you have any experience with "false eyelashes" now? Or do you have any ideas in this regard?