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Teach you how to apply false eyelashes correctly

At present, I believe there are many girls who have used false eyelashes. Then when you apply false eyelashes, we can make our eyes look more beautiful and bigger and more beautiful. Then you know that false eyelashes are How do I post it? What methods can we use to make our eyelashes longer on weekdays? Let me introduce them in detail.

Are false eyelashes currently disposable? In principle, false eyelashes can be said to be disposable, but at present, if you want to use them repeatedly, it is all right. You need to be careful when you tear them off and don't deform them, but Under normal circumstances, it is not recommended to use it multiple times. At present, false eyelashes can be connected, but it is a little uncomfortable to the eyes, so do not graft it. Use one-time, high-quality false eyelashes that can be used repeatedly.

false eyelashes

False eyelashes are currently attached to the top or the bottom: whether the false eyelashes are attached to the top or bottom of the real eyelashes, both methods are possible, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. If there are novice girls who don't usually apply false eyelashes in normal times and want to start to try to apply eyelashes, it is still better to stick false eyelashes on their real eyelashes, because this way of operation It is also very simple.

The advantages and disadvantages of false eyelashes attached to the top and bottom: false eyelashes above: the disadvantage is that it is easy to leave white, but using eyeliner to fill the white is enough. In addition, real eyelashes are easy to layer with false eyelashes, and the advantage is easy to operate. False eyelashes are below: The advantage is that it feels very natural after the application, and it blends well with real eyelashes. The disadvantage is that it is more difficult to operate than the method of attaching false eyelashes over real eyelashes.

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How to apply false eyelashes to make it look better?

1. Check the length of false eyelashes

First of all, when you use false eyelashes, you need to use a pair of tweezers to clamp a false eyelash at the root of your eyelashes. If the false eyelashes are longer than your own eyes, then you need to cut them As long as your eye shape, false eyelashes should not exceed your own eyelashes at the current tail, otherwise, it will be uncomfortable when you close your eyes.

2. Clip your own eyelashes

Before you apply false eyelashes, you need to use the eyelash curler to clamp your own eyelashes. This is because our own eyelashes are not so curved at all. It is also very important to apply some false eyelashes after being clipped. It’s good-looking, so it can look more natural, and applying mascara now can also help fix the curvature of the eyelashes.

3. Glue false eyelashes

At present, the glue is applied to the false eyelashes mainly to fix it on our eyelashes. You need to first place the root of the false eyelashes upward, then carefully squeeze the glue onto a false eyelash, and apply the eyelashes on you. When you glue, you should apply it from the middle to the sides, so that there will be more glue on the eyes and the end of the eyes.

4, first false eyelashes

You need to wait for the glue on the false eyelashes to dry, then use the eyelash tweezers to pick up the middle part of the eyelashes, and then give the roots close to your real eyelashes from directly above your real eyelashes. Align the middle of your false eyelashes with your own real eyelashes, taking care not to let the roots with glue touch your real eyelashes.

false eyelashes

5.Final eyelashes final shape

Then after applying the false eyelashes, hold it with your fingers to correct the arc before holding the glue completely dry, and hold it for about 30 seconds at a height you like, so that the height of the eyelashes will be fixed.

Girls now have higher requirements, so they need to pay more attention to the choice of false eyelashes. Because there are many types of false eyelashes, it is best to choose them now. Only to the false eyelashes that are suitable for you, can you better use the false eyelashes, and the effect can be better, so you can better display the effect of false eyelashes.

From the above, we can understand those false eyelashes are disposable in principle, but if you prefer to use it repeatedly, it is also possible, and you need to be careful when you tear it off. Don't get it deformed, but at present, it is generally not recommended that you use it multiple times. In addition, there are a lot of considerations when you apply false eyelashes. You can also try more according to the above content. I believe that every girl can do a more perfect state.