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Teach you how to use false eyelashes correctly

I believe that many girls have used false eyelashes now. It is also better to apply false eyelashes now to make our eyes look bigger and more beautiful. Then you know what the current false eyelashes need. To paste? Are there any ways to make our eyelashes longer in the current weekdays? Let’s take a look at it with you.

1. Are false eyelashes disposable?

In terms of principles, it can be said to be disposable, but now if you want to use it repeatedly, it is also possible, that is, you need to be careful when you tear it off, and don't deform it. However, it is generally not recommended to use it multiple times. There are many false eyelashes that can be connected now, and this is also a little uncomfortable for the eyes, so don't graft it at present. If it is a one-time use, high-quality false eyelashes can be repeated multiple times Go to use.

2. Are false eyelashes attached above or below

Whether false eyelashes are attached to the top or bottom of the real eyelashes, these two methods are also possible, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you are a newbie who does not apply false eyelashes very often, if you want to start trying to apply eyelashes, it is better to put false eyelashes on your real eyelashes, because it is relatively simple to do so.

3. The advantages and disadvantages of false eyelashes attached to the top and bottom

False eyelashes are above your real eyelashes: the disadvantage is that it is easier to leave white, but now it is also possible to use eyeliner to fill in the white space. In addition, real eyelashes are now easier to layer with false eyelashes. The advantage is that it is easier to operate.

False eyelashes are below: The advantage is that after you finish, it feels more natural and realistic, and it blends better with your real eyelashes. The disadvantage is that it is more difficult to operate than the method of attaching your own false eyelashes to your real eyelashes.

4. How to apply false eyelashes to look better

A. Check the length of false eyelashes

When you use eyelashes, you need to first use eyelash tweezers to clamp the false eyelashes at the root of the eyelashes. If the false eyelashes are longer than your own eyes, you need to cut them to the same length as your own eye shape. You should not extend your lashes, otherwise you will feel uncomfortable when you close your eyes.

B. Clip your own eyelashes

Before you stick the false eyelashes, you need to clip your own eyelashes with an eyelash curler. This is because now our own eyelashes are not so curved. After you have clipped them, you are going to apply false eyelashes. It will also look better, which will make it look more natural, and if you apply mascara now, it can also help to fix the curvature of the eyelashes.

C. Applying glue to false eyelashes

The glue on the false eyelashes is mainly to fix it on our eyelashes.You need to first place the roots of the false eyelashes upwards, and then use the glue to squeeze the false eyelashes carefully before you apply it. When applying eyelash glue, it should be applied from the middle to both sides, so that there will be more glue on the eyes and the end of the eyes.

D. First false eyelashes

Now that the glue on the false eyelashes is half dry, use the eyelash tweezers to pick up the middle of the eyelashes, and then approach the roots of your real eyelashes from directly above your real eyelashes. The middle of the false eyelashes is aligned with the middle of the current real eyelashes. Be careful not to let the roots with glue touch the real eyelashes now.

E. Final styling of false eyelashes

After applying the false eyelashes, use your fingers to hold it to correct the curvature before the glue is completely dry, and hold it for about 30 seconds at a height that is now satisfactory. This will also fix it to the height of your eyelashes.

5. Eye shape can also better decide which false eyelashes you are suitable for

A. Short Round Eyes: Full Exaggerated False Eyelashes

This false eyelash has a short front and long back, which is an effect that has a noticeably elongated eye shape. Usually, such eye makeup has thicker eyelashes, so in the current daily makeup, it is necessary to use shiny eye shadow to brighten, highlighting the refreshing sense of makeup. When you need to go to a party at night, you just need to add some pearl eyeshadows in the center of your eyeball to increase the brightness.

2.Slender eyes: Barbie doll-type false eyelashes

Most of the Barbie doll-shaped eyelashes are fan-shaped in the middle long and short on both sides, so it is more suitable for rounding slender eyes.

3.Drop eyes: slender and delicate false eyelashes

Although drooping eyes will feel dull, but excessive drooping now also looks particularly unspirited. For current drooping eyes, it is necessary to adjust the droop by the length of the false eyelashes, which will change from the current vision It has to be raised, and here the long and delicate eyelashes are more suitable than the thick ones, and the eye shape must be slightly reduced.