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The Difference Between Human Hair Lashes with Fake Human Hair Lashes

We take a lot of pride in carrying 100% human hair lashes, but many people still are not sure what the difference is between human hair and synthetic lashes and how you can tell if your eyelashes are made from human hair or not.

First of all, the concept of getting 100% human hair for your false eyelashes is the same as getting 100% human hair for your hair extensions: the real thing feels more real, looks more real, acts more real. That's obviously because they are real. Hair extensions made from synthetic materials just don't look, feel, or move the way your real hair does which is why you always look for 100% real human hair extensions.

A lot of the cheap false eyelashes that you get from somewhere else say "100% human made" or "100% human hair quality" and come in a shoebox-type packaging with 10 pairs of lashes stuck onto a piece of cardboard. Now, that may sound like an awesome deal, and to some, price is everything, there's a reason why you get so many eyelashes for so cheap – they don't last long, they're obviously lower quality.

real hair false eyelashes are noticeably lighter and a lot more delicate than synthetic hair lashes. When you brush your fingers up against the length of the hair, it feels feathery and soft to the touch and has less of that tell-tale glossy sheen that is characteristic of Fake human hair eyelashes.

The band of real human hair lashes is much more pliable, and can easily bend to fit any eye shape. Lashes made by low quality fake human hair materials, on the other hand, not only have stiffer hairs (making them much harder to curl), but also stiffer and thicker bands.