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What kind of eyelashes do you use?

At present, it can be said that every girl is more beautiful, because beauty is the nature of girls. In this era of peace, I believe that many girls can better pursue perfection. In this way, they can also value their own face. Rising higher, at present, girls can choose their own way of beauty. I believe that many girls will choose to use cosmetics, because now cosmetics are an essential item for many girls to pursue makeup, and now they can better show their makeup through makeup, so now they can be said to be girls Everyday, girls now need to pay more attention when choosing cosmetics, because the market for cosmetics is now very large. If you want to better choose cosmetics that are suitable for you, you still need to consider more. can. Only by choosing cosmetics that are suitable for you, you can use them better. This will not cause too much damage to your face. When it comes to makeup, I believe that many girls will think of eyelashes. Long eyelashes are for girls. It is a symbol of big eyes, so now girls all want to make their eyelashes longer. Now there are many ways. The eyelash technology is very advanced now, so it can be better. In order to achieve better eyelashes, grafting eyelashes can now better perform eyelashes beautification, but nowadays many girls do not have a special understanding of the types of eyelash extensions. Let me tell you below.

Grafting eyelashes is believed that many girls are no strangers now, and they are the same after experiencing grafting. But for how to choose a style for better grafting, is it a princess or a charm queen, and many other names, the girls are also dizzy, so what are the types of grafting eyelashes now? ? Let's talk to everyone!

1) There are three types of lashes:

The first: natural shape, also known as elegant shape

Longer, denser, and curved than your own real eyelashes. If you like to use beautiful natural eyelashes and don't like to find that your own eyelashes have been processed, this style can be said to be a very good choice. !! This style is also more suitable for work occasions and low-key needs. This style is not too stressful for the eyelashes, and the comfort of the eyes is also good. If you are grafting eyelashes for the first time now, it is still recommended.

The second type: dense, also known as Barbie doll

Encryption is based on the natural shape of the mind. Now add 2 to 3 fake eyelashes to a real eyelash. After the completion of the eye changes are also relatively large, that makeup will become more powerful, the moment someone else looks at you will be attracted by your flickering eyelashes. At the same time, this is relatively age-reducing. At present, this is also a magic weapon to increase your self-confidence in social situations.

The third type: exaggerated form, which is now also known as Cleopatra

Based on the current dense form, it is encrypted and lengthened. It is twice as long as your real eyelashes, and the density will be three to four times. After you finish it, it will be very beautiful, but now the real eyelashes are also relatively short and scarce, and they cannot better bear the length and density of this style. At the same time, its holding time will be much shorter. It's like a person can lift two 1-meter wooden sticks for one hour, three 2-meter wooden sticks for 50 minutes, and five 3-meter wooden sticks. If they are longer, they will become more and more inclined. Can't move. If you are attending a ceremony, a party, or some other occasions that require heavy makeup, this style is also a better choice.

2) There are also two types of arrangement of the shape of the eyelash extensions:

The first type: fan-shaped: the middle is long and the sides are short. The focus is on the middle of the eyes, very cute lovely.

The second type: flying shape: the inner corner is short, and the outer corner is long. A transition from short to long. The focus is mainly on the outer corners of his eyes, which also looks charming and charming.

3) The curl of the eyelash extensions is mainly divided into three types:

The first one is: J roll, the middle part of the eyelashes is 30 degrees, slightly curled. Short eyelashes can also use this.

The second type: B type, 40 degree curl. It's universal.

The third type: C-type roll, which belongs to 50 degree of warp, is exaggerated and easy to fall off. So it is rarely used now.