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Easy fan volume lashes are a kind of lash extension that between classics and volume individual eyelash extensions which is almost like a pre-made fan. They are applied in the same way to the classical individual eyelash extension while it can create a fuller and volume effect due to its features and advantages of products. For each strip of the easy fan lashes, the mega volume lash has much more lashes than the normal lash extension and premade fans lashes. As a result, with the same price, the easy fan lash extensions have a higher quality-price ratio. Since the classical volume lash was create to the world by the Russian lash technician years ago, it becomes so popular all over the world very soon. As for easy fan volume lashes, they are upgraded versions of the classical volume lashes. Different to the classical volume lashes, the lashes can be the fans sharp automatically when you remove the lashes from the strips. So even you are a primary technician, you can use these easy fans lashes to create a feather and fluffy effect without adding more weight to the eyes. Moreover, due to the more adhesion points, the easy fan lash extension provides a superior retention and let your eyelash extensions last longer time. In addition, Sunny Fly Beauty also provides full range of eyelash products like glues and tools besides mega volume lash supplies. A lot has changed in all that time, but what hasn’t changed is our commitment to make us better every day for our associates, customers and the community. Our one stop shop makes shopping for bulk false eyelashes and supplies a convenient, affordable experience.

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