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As the science and technology develops in the modern society, different products have developed to satisfy people's strong desire for better looking appearance. Such situation shows the same trend in the false eyelash market. This is also the reason why so many different types of newly developed lash extensions emerged in the market in recent years. Mink & sable fur lash extensions are also a type of these lash extensions elaborately created with the natural materials, and the lashes can be divided into the two different types, namely the mink individual lash extension and the sable individual lash extension. Both of these two types of individual lash extensions share some common features while they are more or less unlike due to the impact of the different materials. For example, both of the two types of individual lash extensions do not contain any added chemical dye and the thickness of both them is between 0.10mm to 0.15mm. Moreover, due to the color and natural feature, the mink lash extension considers as the best lash extension if you are looking for the natural effect eyelash extensions. In addition, they are all 100% cruelty-free, obtained by gently brushing live animals, without harming them. Every single lash is sterilized and hand assembled to ensure quality and durability. We provide both wholesale service and OEM service for these products, if you have any interests, please feel free to contact

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Mink & Sable Fur Lash Extensions