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As the most colorful and fashionable false eyelashes in the market, the rainbow colored eyelash extension, cocktail lashes and the two-tone ombre lash extension have gained the unbelievably extensive popularity among all age groups of women all across the world, especially for young girls who prefer the changeable and colorful elements the most. All of these semi-permanent eyelash extensions provide with more diverse color choices. Such three kinds of semi-permanent eyelash extensions share some common features but also exhibit difference with each other. For instance, they are all made of the top-quality materials imported from Korea. All of these extension eyelashes have shown the magic glamour of the diverse colors. As for the distinct difference, firstly, rainbow lashes just as the name indicates, offer a wide range of color choices like the rainbow. Secondly, the cocktail lashes combine different color together in one strip in a perfect way. Lastly, the two-tone ombre lashes successfully integrate two different kinds of color in each single eyelash. Sunny Fly Beauty provides competitive colored eyelash extension wholesale price, so it's a wise decision to add such magic eyelashes to your product line. In addition, we provide a variety of custom eyelash boxes for them which you can gain additional trust and loyalty of customers by launching an additional line of products.

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