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Comparing to the common semi-permanent lash extensions, the flare eyelash extensions can reach the effect of volume lashes within a short time. This advantage can make up the weakness of the common lash extensions which is capable of lasting for 4~8 weeks per each application but the application is only available in the salon. This is because the application can only be completed by professional technicians using the strong or weak glue. While, the fan eyelash extension can be applied by users themselves at home or by professional technicians in the salon. Thus make the application much easier and faster. What’s more amazing, the premade lash fan generally use the weaker glue or the minimum adhesive for application which is very good for sensitive eyes.

Our lash fan also include different choices, such as the real mink fur cluster lashes, real sable fur cluster lashes, Swarovski crystal mink fur clusters, Swarovski crystal sable fur clusters, russian volume premade lash fan, premade fans flare cluster and the express lashes etc. All these cluster eyelash extension are made from different materials and exhibit diverse features. For instance, the real mink fur cluster lashes and the real sable fur cluster lashes are made from mink fur, so this style of individual lashes is very natural and the effect is more optimal. We provide 2D (2 lashes in one flare cluster) to 20D (20 lashes in one flare cluster) mink fur individual eyelashes extensions which can create a fluttering 3D lashes effect. The Swarovski crystal mink fur clusters and the Swarovski crystal sable fur clusters are decorated with the Swarovski crystals, so this style of individual lashes look more unique and fashionable, creating the feeling of bling bling. The Russian volume premade fans cluster and the premade fans flare cluster are made of the top quality PBT fiber from Korea and have adopted the special workmanship. You can also choose the one with 3D lashes effect. Moreover, this style of individual lashes is knot free, which contributes to the exceptionally comfortable feature.

Our flare clusters also provide one-stop shop, private label, OEM service and wholesale service. Please feel free to contact us if you have any interests.

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