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The premade fans flare clusters are one of the earliest cluster lash extensions popular in the market. Same as the other types of eyelash fan, such cluster fan eyelash extension has adopted the premium quality material imported from Korea. As a kind of cluster eyelash extensions, the premade fans flare clusters are also faster and easier to apply comparing to the common false eye lashes since it can be applied both at home by user themselves or at the salons by professional technicians. Moreover, with lower cluster eyelash wholesale price, the premade fans flare clusters have gained the extensive popularity among different age groups of ladies in many countries. If you are considering to find an affordable flare lashes to your product line, they are the right choice fit for you as Sunny Fly Beauty can supply the most favorable premade lash fan wholesale price. In addition, we provide custom eyelash box and selling the lashes under your own brand which is one smart marketing move and also means you have more competitiveness. Sunny Fly Beauty has helped a lot of clients build their own brand business and if you have any interests, feel free to contact us at

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