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On the basics of pre made volume fans, we have successfully developed two tone and colored volume flare lash extension. By adopting the same reliable quality and workmanship to premade lash extension, the lashes are not only comfortable and safe to wear, but also add a bit sexy and unique to your natural eyelashes. Therefore, the lashes are considered as the best premade lash fan that allows people to stand out from the crowed. Moreover, the colored volume fans lashes are faster and easier to apply so as to save more time to serve more clients. At present, there are more than 30 colors for the lashes and available in 2D-20D. Traditional volume eyelash extension always requires more time and skilled technique, with the colored volume fans lashes, all the difficulties will be solved. Additionally, we can provide custom eyelash box for them and you are free to create your own brand for these beautiful lashes.

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