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Besides false eyelashes, the liquid products are also one of our main products that well received by the clients. This part mainly includes the pre-treatment products like eyelash primer, eyelash cleanser, eyelash shampoo, professional eyelash glue, after care products like lash sealer and professional eyelash remover and magnetic liquid eyeliner. All of the products are imported from Korean with the best quality. Especially the eyelash extension glue which contains 4 types that can meet different needs for professional technicians. Glue D is the best eyelash glue for the skilled technicians which is strongly recommend. The bubble eyelash shampoo is also a best seller in the company, which are for both professionals and clients to take care of their lashes at home. In addition, the shampoo is perfect for everyday use and can extend the life of eyelash extension or strip lashes. Eyelash extension removal is another main product in Sunny Fly Beauty. There are 4 kinds are available for professional use which can remove the eyelash extension easily without any damage to natural eyelashes.

Not only the products for eyelash extensions, the eyelash glue for strip lashes and magnetic eyeliner for magnetic lashes are also available to choose. The latex free eyelash glue formula is specifically for sensitive skin and eyes. Moreover, we also provide different kinds of partnership including the wholesale service and the customized packaging service. To give effective help to our customers as much as possible is our constant aim.

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