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As a general rule of thumb for lash extension care, the better you do it, the longer they will last, and lash extension after-care product is essential. Lash shampoo are formulated specifically for oil and dirt on the natural lash and the extensions. Cleaning your lashes will keep them healthy and lengthen the binding of lashes and improve retention. Using our lash shampoo is ideal for preparing natural lashes for your client prior to applying eyelash extension glue to achieve better adhesion and thus longer retention time. As part of your daily routine, it is also perfect for keeping lashes lengthened and healthy. Our product is simple to operate by applying the appropriate amount of shampoo to the provided cleaning brush until all makeup, dirt, grease and debris have been removed. Mild natural formula, all natural to your skin no irritation. If you are interested, you can consult us for wholesale eyelash shampoo. Another important product for eyelash extension after care is eyelash extension sealer which can help create a barrier around your fine eyelash extender. It protects your lash extension from oil, water and sweat, which extends the life of the adhesive, locking the extension in place for a longer period of time. For eyelash shampoo, you can use it every day, while for the eyelash sealer, used it twice a week only. After-all, the eyelash extension care products are a must if you want to prolong the life time of your eyelash extension.

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Lash Extension After-care Product