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To avoid damaging your skin or natural lashes, lash extension removal is the safest way to remove eyelash extension. The main task of professional eyelash extension removal is not only to remove the eyelash extension line, but also to be carried out without harming natural eyelashes. Our eyelash removal is a safe way to remove unwanted eyelash extensions from customers' eyes. After application, gel makeup remover breaks down the adhesive, allowing eyelash extender to slip off gently without stressing natural lashes. The formula is easy to control and does not get into the customer's eyes when used. Lash removal used by professionals break down the eyelash extension adhesive used to hold lashes to the lid. It only takes a few seconds for the eyelash extensions to fall out. The entire eyelash extension removal process is over in about ten minutes. With this procedure, your skin is protected and your natural hair remains intact. We have mainly four types of eyelash removal, all of them are for professional use only and you can choose them according to your needs.

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Lash Extension Removal