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As wholesalers, the latest craze sweeping the world right now is magnetic eyeliner and lash, and we've nailed it! Which means you can have it too! Our latest magnetic eyeliner set features a brand-new design. Lashes are made from premium faux mink fiber or cruelty free mink hair that give the eye a natural soft and bold look and are easier to use. If you're ready to change the way you lash your eyelashes! Using the best magnetic eyeliner with the magnetic lashes will be a much easier way and give you a better makeup look. It has a smooth daub, prevent fading and durable lining, lets you lashes against water, dirt, wind and other unexpected obstacles, kind of design is very suitable for sensitive eyes without glue, and they are so strong that you can hold the false eyelash in place all day long. In addition, they are easy to remove, so they won't damage your natural eyelashes. Once you master them, they continue "within seconds," and their lashes look "so beautiful and flowing." Both the magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes are amazing products and you can do magnetic eyeliner Wholesale through our platform.

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Magnetic Lash Eyeliner