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False eyelashes can dramatically enhance your appearance, giving you the illusion of longer, thicker lashes. When you wear false lashes, you don't have to worry about whether those lashes will stay in place. Choosing the right lash glue allows you to focus on day or night without having to think about lashes. While your choice of lash glue is important since it actually determines whether your lashes are sexy or a total failure. Strip lash glue is an easy-to-use adhesive that secures your false lashes in an innovative, improved formula that strongly secures your favorite strip lashes. Brush on applicator allows you to apply eyelash gel with a thin and precise line to ensure that your lashes run smoothly. As lash glue vendor, we wholesale lash glue, low price and high quality. Moreover, we do not contain toxic ingredients like other glues in the market, but adopt a unique formula that is low in sensitivity and does not harm sensitive skin around eyes. So, you don't have to worry about using it to hurt your eyes or skin. Sunny Fly Beauty wants to provide you with the best lash glue.

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Strip Lash Glue