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Customer Service

In addition to the reliable quality of best fake eyelash from China and most innovative design, Sunny Fly Beauty Limited also attaches great importance to customer service. Ever since the very beginning, Sunny Fly Beauty Limited has recognized customer satisfaction is the essential element to enterprise growth and development. As a result, we have established a complete and reasonable system of customer service. From the initial stage of business such as quotation to the after-sale service, every step of communication with customer, we would try our best to satisfy customer needs. We pay special attention to every feedback from our customers all over the world. Every year, we would conduct the periodic customer satisfaction investigation for most customers in different countries and regions.

As the top-rated wholesale lash vendor, Sunny Fly Beauty also has the professional customer service team responsible to handle all the suggestions and comments from our customers. Our reasonable customer service system provides complete support to monitoring and securing all suggestions, comments, complaints if any from customers are followed up, responded promptly and related problems are solved till customers are satisfied. With our complete customer service system, we encourage our customers to propose good suggestions and advices in different ways including Email, service call and online message.