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Sample Order Service

To keep our customers' concern in mind is our constant commitment. We promise to all clients the most considerate and all-round service can be always available. For instance, sample order service is just the best example to address customers' concern or related questions about the quality of our products. Internet makes our life and business much easier than ever before. However, it can also cause plenty of confusion to people. We just understand quite well that our clients may feel much confused by checking the online description and pictures of our diverse styles of wholesale eyelash. As a result, they may feel it rather difficult to make the decision as for what specific eyelash strips is the right choice that is the most suitable for their individual situation. Now lash supplies sample orders will help them to make the decision and thus reduce the risk of ordering the incorrect items in a large quantity.

Customers may place sample order of whatever they think that possibly gain popularity in their specific market. In addition, sample orders may also help clients to verify the quality of our products and the best false lashes they want. At present, placing sample orders is available. For any items you may be interested, please contact our customer service representatives so that they can check the inventory for you. You can expect, for any lashes in stock, to receive the samples in 3-7 business days.