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The strip lashes are principally made from five types of materials, namely animal fur, human hair, silk , faux mink and the synthetic fiber. Our strip lashes mainly include more than twenty different products. For example, the mink strip lashes are the false eyelashes made from the Siberian mink fur, so they are extraordinarily natural and soft and thus will bring a completely different experience to you. In addition, the 3D mink lashes are also a kind of strip lashes. This style of false eye lashes is elaborately designed with the 3D effect. Moreover, the real human hair eyelashes are also a kind of strip lashes. Such false lashes are specially made from the human hair. Thus, there is no wonder the real human hair eyelashes are the most natural false eye lashes in the market. There is another choice of the silk lashes which are made from the top quality of silk, so it will achieve the same effect of animal furs or human hair in terms of the soft and comfortable features. Moreover, a variety of other choices of the false lashes also add to the wholesale strip lashes.

As the top-rated strip lashes supplier, we provide a variety of choices, including the luxurious strip lashes made from animal fur as well as the more affordable choice. With such diverse choices, you should find the one exactly fit you. Unlike the traditional common false lashes, our natural false eye lashes will help to make you feel extraordinarily comfortable. Wearing such good quality of strip lashes, no one may tell the difference between the fake lashes and your real lashes. Our strip lashes will make your eyes look so bright and dynamic that creates the distinct glory around you everywhere you go. Making oneself look better is the utmost goal every lady is chasing after all the time. Our top good of strip lashes help every lady to achieve such goal in a more effective way. Thus, you will have a magic change just over one night. Wearing such strip fake eye lashes, you will definitely become the focus of people’s attention both day and night. All of the different types of strip lashes are quite endurable because of their unbelievable feature of firmly attaching to the real human eye lashes. In addition to the good quality and distinct feature of our strip lashes, we also provide the private label or OEM service and the wholesale service for all customers from different regions of the world. Such reliable service also contributes to the good reputation and extensive popularity to our strip eye lashes.

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