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3D Volume Faux Mink eyelashes are the faux mink lash that we made for people to consume the natural and wispy 3d faux mink eyelash. Hence, as the professional faux mink lash vendor, we prepared for a long time and after multiple tests, we finally launch them in the market. The lashes are bestowed with the dimensional effect, therefore it looks very natural on eyes in which way will contributes to the uniqueness of your impressive eyes. Moreover, the lashes are totally made by hand with strict disinfection treatment to reliably ensure the faux mink lash are safe to wear for every lady. It's a revolution to eyelash market that let everyone can afford for the luxury 3d faux mink eyelashes. Moreover, we can provide the customized faux mink lashes magnetic version for people who are often obsessed with the uncomfortable feeling with the lash glue of the fake eyelashes. Meanwhile, the magnetic faux mink lashes are quite endurable. With good care, these eyelashes can be used up to 40 times. A good rule is if you don't use them, please store the lashes in the case. At the same time, we provide competitive faux mink lash wholesale price to both retailers and lash distributors. Moreover, we supply a wide range of eyelash packaging to help clients sell false eyelash under their own brand which we call it private label service. Private label eyelashes will be a smart idea for your business and we would like to take part in your business that gets great success for both of us.

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