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It is not difficult to understand every lady or girl is spending quite a lot of money and efforts on their looking. The reason is all people would not help taking more glance of the pretty. However, we often heard someone is complaining the God is not fair to give the equivalent nice look for her as others. This maybe really matter in the ancient time, but now in the modern society, every magic may be expected. For those who are unsatisfied with their inborn eyelashes, our advanced tipped lashes are just elaborately designed for them. Such fake eyelash is made of the tipped synthetic fiber imported from Korea. It is accounted as the best lashes in terms of the Traditional workmanship. This style of fake eyelash with the Korea tipped synthetic fiber is made completely by hand. As a result, it is extremely soft and natural. Due to the perfect integration with human inborn lashes, this fake eyelash is suitable for wearing on every occasion. In addition, if comparing to the common man made lash, our advanced tipped eyelashes look more natural and attractive. Thus, there is no doubt to consider it as one of the best lashes in the market.

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