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The double layered human hair lash is made from the 100% real human hair, adopting the state-of-the-art technology and workmanship. As a result, such double layered eyelashes are capable of perfectly integration with human inborn lashes without any gap or flaw. The double layered human hair lashes are the latest innovation, which looks more dramatic on eyes without worry about the uncomfortable feeling due to the soft eyelash band. The eyelashes are suitable for every occasion to wear the double layered human hair eyelashes and they are elaborately created for every lady that make them look more impressive and charming has no limit in terms of age. Moreover, lash supplies wholesale is available in Sunny Fly Beauty, so every client can get the best price by wholesale natural lash service for a cost reduction. Besides vegan wholesale lash service, we also provide private label design service which can help our client create the ideal eyelash packaging for their business. Our rich experience and best quality products will definitely help you get off to a successful eyelash business.

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