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As a kind of fashionable goods newly developed in the cosmetic industry, the Siberian mink fur bottom lash strips are specially designed for the lower eyelashes. Such bottom false lash is also made of the top quality Siberian mink fur and thus they are extraordinarily comfortable. This style of false bottom lashes has adopted the most advanced technology and workmanship in the market. As a result, you will definitely be impressed by the comfortable feeling and remarkable effect of our natural fake eyelashes. With this style of bottom lashes, your eyes will look much more bright and dynamic. The Siberian mink fur bottom eyelashes are one of the most popular natural fake eyelashes in the market. Moreover, Sunny Fly Beauty is a top professional lash manufacturer and supplier in the world, the products we can provide not limited to false eyelashes, the custom lash box wholesale also available here. If you love makeup, beauty, and have the plan to start an eyelash business, come and cooperate with us could be the perfect opportunity for you, we will help you to branch out your own brand eyelashes. Wearing our false lashes, you will remain the focus of people's attention all the time and boost your income from them at the same time.

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