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Compare with the common mink fur eyelashes, the natural brown color is the most distinct feature of Siberian sable fur eyelashes, while the regular mink fur is of black color in nature. As a rather special species in the mink family, the sable features with the utmost soft and elastic fur which is incomparable by any other kind of creature. Thus the Siberian sable fur eyelashes is one of the most soft and comfortable artificial eyelashes. Of all the mink fur eyelashes, the Siberian sable fur lashes will bring you the most unique glory and charm in all various occasions. The Siberian sable fur eyelashes have integrated all the optimal features of both artificial eyelashes and human lashes. If you are thinking about setting up an eyelash business, the sable fur eyelashes will be a good choice, and what's more, Sunny Fly Beauty will be your best partner. We provide eyelash product wholesale service and wholesale lash packaging as well to the client all over the world. As an experienced lash packaging wholesale vendor and eyelash wholesale China supplier, we have helped a lot of clients to launch out their eyelash business successfully since we can provide wide range of necessary eyelash products. High quality products with lower price will be the first step to success, and we always do the best to support you. Don't hessite to contact us if you have a business plan.

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