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Swarovski crystal mink fur eyelashes are the most creative design which brings fashion and quality together. It is a brand new style of fake eye lashes that have adopted the mink fur and top quality crystal in the world. Such mink false eyelashes distinguished with the elaborate design and workmanship will exhibit the unique sense of art and the distinct quality of life. There is no doubt, the Swarovski crystal mink fur eyelashes is the most optimal upgrade of human eye lashes. As a kind of fake eye lashes, it is much more attractive and beautiful than human eye lashes. In addition, the Swarovski mink fur eyelashes integrated with excellent crystal are the top one fake eye lashes. Wearing such unique eye lashes, you will feel like a queen on every occasion. Swarovski crystal mink fur eyelashes help every lady to keep the same elegance and charm all the time. What’s more, Sunny Fly Beauty is also a private label lash supplier that provides lash box wholesale service to help you to create your own eyelash brand according to your ethics, beliefs and preferences. With the Custom wholesale lash box service, you make the rules and everything can be self-managed for your own eyelash brand. We aim to provide the best products and service to save money on your project with the hope that every client works with us will own a successful eyelash business.

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