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The glitter lash product line includes two different types of false eye lash extensions, namely the glitter lashes and the individual glitter eyelash extensions. All of these three lash extensions belong to the semi permanent lashes extensions and show more or less the unique individual features for each one comparing to the others. Such semi permanent lashes have also adopted the most edge-cutting technology and workmanship and thus gained the extraordinarily extensive popularity in the lash extensions market. Moreover, This kind of semi permanent eyelashes are decorated with the different color shiny powders to create the bling bling effect. It's so easy to stand out from the crowed with this kind of dramatic eyelashes. Same as other kinds of semi permanent eyelash extensions, the glitter lashes also use the strong glue or weak glue and need the professional technicians for application. As a result, with the professional work done by the technician in the salon, our glitter lashes, parted glitter eyelash extensions and individual glitter eyelash extensions, as the semi permanent eyelashes are distinct for the intensive durability and thus will last for much longer time. Don't hesitate to find the one type of glitter lashes exactly fit you.

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Glitter Lashes