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The 3D volume silk eyelashes are made of the premium silk synthetic fiber imported from Korea. This new style of false eyelashes has adopted the state of the art technology and workmanship. The silk lashes are completely made by hand. As a result, the lashes have no harm to your health. As such false eyelashes are made of the natural protein fiber, the silk, it is super soft and comfortable to wear. What's more Silk fiber may indicate the special sense and high expectation in life. In the same way, the false eyelashes made of silk synthetic fiber will help to exhibit your glory and charm everywhere you go. With the double layered silk eyelashes, it is not difficult to attract the extensive attention from your beloved. No matter what imperfect eyelashes you were born with, our silk lashes with various styles will help to make your eyes more dynamic and attractive. In addition, the tipped eyelashes are also quite endurable. As a result, you do not need to worry it my fall off for certain time. OEM/Private label design service is available as well, please let us know if you have any interests in our products.

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