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The 3D Faux mink lashes are made of the vegan fibers which are incredibly soft, sturdy and fluffy that will give you heaps of volume! This new style of eyelashes have adopted the state of the art technology and workmanship that are completely made by hand. As a result, the 3d faux mink lashes have no harm to your health. Such faux mink eyelash extensions are elaborately designed with multi layers, which are the perfect pair for those of you who are after a voluminous, full, lengthy effect! As such faux mink lashes are made of a kind of pre-tipped material, and it is not difficult to attract the extensive attention from others. No matter what imperfect eyelashes you were born with, our faux mink eyelash extensions will help to make your eyes more dynamic and attractive. Wise lady would never forget to do one thing-that is to make herself more pretty than yesterday. The 3d faux mink lashes help you to realize such dream. Sunny Fly Beauty is looking forward to cooperate with you on both eyelashes and private label lash boxes.

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