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Quality Control

As everyone know, quality is very critical to the growth of a brand or an enterprise. Sometimes, a quality complaint from customer would lead to the termination of the partnership which is established by years of tremendous efforts. Or even worse, a simple complaint from customer would result in the product losing all the competitiveness in the market or otherwise deteriorate the brand in a few seconds.

Sunny Fly Beauty Limited is completely aware of the importance of quality for both fake lashes and individual lashes in the very beginning. As a result, all of Sunny Fly Beauty Limited's employees, from the top management to the operators in the production line attach significant attention to the quality control process. Ever since the establishment of Sunny Fly Beauty Limited, we have been making continuous efforts to build the desirable quality system. With the mutual work by our professional quality team, we have developed the reliable quality control plan and the strict product inspection process. From the raw material incoming inspection to the in-process inspection and the final inspection, all of our quality control personnel never loosen the monitoring of the whole manufacturing process so that no single defect would run out to reach the end users. In addition, we also execute the strict sampling plan which is compliant to the international standards and customer requirements. Good quality is our constant commit to all of our valued customers. If you want to buy fake lashes online or find a supplier for individual lashes wholesale service, Sunny Fly Beauty will be a wise choice.