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Pursuing for beauty is the constant topic and concern for human being, especially for ladies. To satisfy such pursuit and also to help ladies to realize their dreams, a variety choice of fake lashes is available in the market today. The Double Layered mink fur lashes are one of these choices. Mink fur is known for the extremely soft and comfortable feature. As a result, the natural mink lash looks just the same as the human lashes and feel remarkably comfortable to wear. Moreover, as the professional lash supply store and manufacturer, the length of the lashes are customized in Sunny Fly Beauty. We can make it to short 15mm lash, natural 20mm lash or extra-long 25mm mink lashes to your needs. Also, our mink fur lashes are totally cruelty free, obtained by gently brushing live animals, without harming them, then carefully hand arranged in to strip. In addition, every single lash(es) is sterilized with medical grade solutions to ensure they are safe to the eyes. The mink fur lashes elaborately designed with double layers are the best choices for ladies who are always unsatisfied with their inborn eyelashes. In addition, such new style of man-made eyelashes is distinguished with the most fashionable design as well as unique eyelash packaging box design. Thus, it will lead the new trend in modern ladies' life.

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