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The loose lashes and the rainbow loose lashes are the most popular false eye lash extension in the market for a long time. Both of the two types of loose lashes have adopted the traditional technology and fine workmanship. The loose lashes and the rainbow loose lashes are elaborately designed with very convenient package. Unlike other types of eyelash extensions, the loose lashes and the rainbow loose lashes are placed in the bottle or small bag so that the users can easily take the eye lash extension wherever they go. Such style of eyelash extensions is one of the perfect choices for both junior technicians and senior technicians. Also, for the rainbow loose lashes, as the name indicates, provide different choices of color, just like rainbow. Such vibrant look wholesale lash extension products have gained the popularity of our product line and it also has received highly favorable reviews due to the good quality and marvelous gorgeous effect bring to the people. Sunny Fly Beauty is always the best lash extension supplies wholesale vendor and help to create a more diverse world and life for everybody.

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