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As another kind of false lash extensions in addition to the mink & sable fur lash extensions and the mink & silk lash extensions, the flat lashes and groove lashes have also adopted the edge-cutting technology and workmanship. As a result these two kinds of eye lash extensions are leading a new fashionable trend all across the world. Moreover, the comfortable feature of the flat lashes extensions also adds to the great success of the product. Even more amazingly, the elaborately designed shape makes the flat lashes look extraordinarily thick as well as easy for technicians to apply, much easier than the 3d eyelash extensions. However, the effect remains the same as the 3d eyelash extensions. Additionally, the flat lashes extensions are bestowed with the oval shape which helps to create a thicker look without increasing the weight. Attributed to the wider binding surface area, the flat lashes extensions is able to hug the natural human eye lashes in a better and more firmly way. The groove lashes are also quite popular due to the additionally extra contact area with human eye lashes. Thus, the groove lash extensions can last for even longer time. You will find life is so easy and to become pretty is so easy with our flat & groove lashes.

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Flat Lashes & Groove Lashes