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Eyelash extensions are the false lashes applied to the real human eye lashes adopting the latest technology. With such eyelash extensions, people will realize their dream to have the longer lashes and the brighter eyes. The eyelash extensions provide a wide range choice of different degree of curl, thickness and length, depending on personal preference. At the same time, the eyelash extensions are generally made from different kinds of materials and with different workmanship. Thus, there are more or less differences between varied types of lash extensions. The mink & silk lash extensions are two different types of lash extensions. Both of them are made of the synthetic PBT fiber imported from Korea. Either the mink eyelash extension or the silk eyelash extension is very soft, light weight, flexible and comfortable as Sunny Fly Beauty only provides clients with the best eyelash extension. However, there is still more or less difference to distinguish the mink lash extensions from the silk eyelash extensions. For example, the mink eyelash extensions look much closer as the real human eyelashes whereas the silk eyelash extensions are shinier so as to make your eyes bright and dynamic. What's even more amazing, the mink lash extensions and silk eyelash extensions provide the russian volume lashes with a varied choice of lash thickness from 0.03 to 0.10mm. Besides eyelash extension supplies, we also provide glue and tools so that you have a great one stop experience with Sunny Fly Beauty.

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Mink & Silk Lash Extensions